Our Big Lots Big Find...

AKA: I'm taking Foster shopping with me wherever I go!

Just a quickie 'cause it's waaaay too freakin' late for me to be up, but among lots of other places we went to today, we made a stop at Big Lots (for a coffee pot).

On the way out with a Crock Pot (well, it's a pot but not a coffee pot), Foster exclaimed "Look I found a...........................$20 bill!".

And yup, he did.

It was a bit crumpled up so it probably fell out of someone's pocket on the way out of the store. We quickly looked around and nobody was walking around near where we were and nobody was seen checking pockets, etc.

So, he kept it.

Ya know, finders keepers and all that.

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'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

Way Cool, Foster!!!! I love little windfalls like that...although a $20 is not a little windfall to a little guy like him. You know what, not a little windfall for someone like me either!