Tomorrow 'should' be/better be my last day...

...but you know the county and all...

So, tomorrow (Thursday) should be my last day at my CPS job. Then Friday (first day of a new payperiod) should be my first day at my new old job - following me?

You never know who is reading this so some things I can't delve into here on this public blog but suffice it to say that when you wait and wait and wait to review someone's work until they have less than 10 hours of available work time left - issues will come up. I mean come on now people, I put in my transfer request about 10 (TEN) weeks ago. Here we are one work day left and NOW you're bringing things to my attention? Ugggg. No wonder this place can't hold onto the people they have.

But, I have a method to my madness...

Last night I started my one graduate-level class I need to get my credential so that I can apply for school social work positions. Yeah, I was one of "those" people who graduated with my Master's degree 12 years ago and I was on the school social work credential track when I - for some stupid reason I can't really figure out - didn't follow thru on one last item and therefore didn't get my credential. 12 years later, I finally decided to finish it and luckily for me, I kept all my old final papers and exams and they were accepted as valid. So, just one class to take - it meets Tuesday evenings for 2 hours and 40 minutes and then come December when I pass the class I'll get my credential and then I can look around for other opportunities in the school district. I just kinda like the idea of summers off!

Anyway, things have changed so much since I went to school 12 years ago. For one thing, the internet as we know it today, didn't exist "back then". So now, I needed to get my new student ID # so I can access a web portal that will bring me to a virtual black board that has required readings on it. Sheesh. Like I don't have enough reading to do in the FOUR required text books. But, it is kinda fun to be back on campus, being a student, learning new things and opening up my world to new opportunities.

So yeah, method to my madness. I need to take a step backwards (by going back to my old position) so that I can get out and take 2 steps forward - by having the luxury of taking an evening class and devoting more time to studying - something I just couldn't do with a job with CPS. The uncertainty of the position with CPS would make taking an evening class almost impossible.

So - I hope to able to say "I'm done here" at 4:30 pm tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


Veronica said...

10 weeks ago?!? You are a patient woman! How cool for you to be going back to school...summer's off would be so great for you and the boys!! I will keep you in my prayers.
p.s. Walker loves checking out Foster on the blog. He asked if you could say 'hi' for him.

Casey said...

Good for you and best of luck! You will do GREAT!!!