Yeah, well, so, it WAS my last day

Whew! But working for the county - they (read: CPS) can still find me - that's what they do best eh?

I started my new, old job today. Same old, same old. Same office, same desk, heck, even some of my same files were still there!

Got me a brand, spankin' new 'puter though - so that helps.

Oh well, gotta remember that I do have a method to my madness. Class every Tuesday nite 'til December. Then I'll be on the look-out. Good thing is that I don't "HAVE TO" find another job right away, I'll be looking while working.

But yeah, you know, administration is the same B.S. no matter where you go. There will always be "those people" who seem to exist to make your life difficult. Altho, I do have to admit, I did receive a very nice welcome from all my old co-workers and my supervisor. That was nice.

Other news placeholder:

***a journalist from ABC news interviewed us last night in our home (in regards to being an LGBT family and me being Jewish) - link will be posted soon if it's not 'too' embarrasing.

***Laura will start her new job/promotion as a program manager (supervisor) - it's a good thing.

***Foster turns 6 on Sunday. That means 6 years ago tomorrow, I went into labor - how did my baby boy become a first grader.

***Speaking of which, Foster starts first grade on Tuesday but we have NO idea who his teacher will be, what classroom he'll be in, etc. because the school will have it ready - on Tuesday, the first day of school. Ummmm, yeah, that makes perfect sense. Okay - we did receive a recorded msg. at home "welcoming us back to school" - oh how personal is that? (smirk).

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