I want, no NEED a vacation...

I'd love to do Family Pride in the Desert this year in October. I think we're gonna try and make it happen. It's at the Shilo Inn Suites in Palm Springs this year. Looks great - two pools, steam room, sauna - and all the LGBTQ families in the area.

How fun!

I've been thinking lately that it's time to start making some more fun memories for the kids. I mean yeah, we do fun stuff all the time like the Zoo, beach, parties - but I want some other memories for them as well and the icing is that it's with all the other lesbian and gay families that are so much fun to hang out with. That is the main reason for getting together that weekend. I want my kids to know that there are soooo many other families out there that are "just like theirs" and boy, do we know how to have a great time!


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Heather said...

JoAnn, Brookelyn DJ and I are going, its my birthday weekend, so we will see you there.