Sleep-Over Success

Foster's first sleep-over was a success!!!!! He loved it! Foster and Connor stayed up way late watching movies and giggling. He stayed at Connor's house until the next day after lunch and after swim lesson (at Connor's house). Then we returned the favor by taking Connor home with us so that Connor's parents could have a break. Foster loved having Connor over - someone his own size to play with. How fun.

We are so lucky that Foster met Connor when he did - at about 12 weeks old when they were in the same infant room at daycare. Even though they now go to different schools, they have a great friendship. We will certainly miss them for the next two weeks while they are on vacation. But, we have plans for many other outings - the San Diego County Fair, swim lessons 3 times per week (in Connor's pool), lots more playdates, movies, etc. I haven't met a friend like this in such a long time. It feels good!


Casey said...

YAY!!! Sounds like the boys had a great time together. :)

Laura said...

That's so wonderful that the boys have each other like that and that Foster did so great on his sleepover.

Gandksmom said...

What a big boy! I am glad that you found such a good friend. It really makes all the difference.