Day 3 and other news

First off - Logan's hearing is apparently normal!


He had his repeat hearing eval. this morning. Laura took him into the appt. while I entertained Seth in the hallways and the gift shop of the hospital. I even showed him the nursery (it was on the same floor as audiology) and told him he lived there for the first 48 hours of his life but he didn't seem very interested. He WAS interested in the $6.00 frogs with bulging eyes we got in the gift store though.

Anyway, Logan had lots of wax in one ear and after that was cleared out they tested him and his hearing was normal. No follow up needed. This is very good news.

After the hearing test we went to Big Lots in search of a new vegetable bin and a shoe rack. Well, $95 later we got the bin but no shoe rack. We did get lots of other goodies though. Love Big Lots (http://www.biglots.com/).

Then I finally went to the clubhouse here (http://www.mvhoa.org/) by our house to get a new pool key with my correct name and address. I've only been meaning to that for NINE years! Problem being is that the clubhouse is only open Mon - Fri from 8am to 3pm. Well, sorry, but I'm usually at work during those hours but since I had off today I finally got that "activity" crossed off my "To Do" list.

Then we came home for lunch and put the twins down for a nap. That was almost an hour ago and I expect to have another hour to an hour and a half of peace. Laura went to the grocery store. After they wake up, if they are in good moods we'll head to the pool for a dip - it's HOT here.

Day 3
Here we are on day 3 of no daycare. Only 2 more days to go. Laura has been doing an awesome job - and we saved $200 by not having to pay for daycare this week. But we both decided that we just weren't meant to be SAHM's. Oh well. We're having fun today. We're two against two so the odds are good.

Foster Update
Foster is doing amazingly well in his new preschool. They are really getting the kids ready for Kindergarten. There are about 10 kids in his "class" in this "Kindergarten Readiness" program and he's loving it. In the morning they have "Classwork" - mainly worksheets and writing and reading. In the afternoon they mainly have crafts and outdoor time. He's having a great time there and has made lots of friends. Tomorrow he goes on his very first field trip. They are going on a school bus to the space museum in Balboa Park (http://www.balboapark.org/in-the-park/detail.php?OrgID=13) for the day! My baby is going on a field trip!!! I'm sure he'll have a blast and have lots to tell us when he gets home!

Swimming is going so well - he's doing so much better than I ever thought he would. He's swimming to the bottom of the pool to pick up objects, floating, jumping in, etc. These lessons with his best bud Connor are excellent.

I'm taking off Monday the 3rd so we can take Foster to the San Diego County Fair (http://www.sdfair.com/fair/index.php?fuseaction=fair.home). The twins will be back in daycare - because honestly - they don't enjoy riding in their stroller for that long and I know I don't want to be rushing thru the fair. So we decided to just make a special day with Foster. Well, we are also going with his best friend Connor and his mommy and grandma so it will really be fun! I'm so excited!!! I love the fair. I love the food and the crafts and the animals, and all the goodies to buy. I love it all. The best part though it watching Foster love it all too. He can't wait to go on all the rides with Connor.

Well, that's it for now. Guess I should put away all our Big Lots purchases before the twins awaken!


Casey said...

Congrats on the good hearing test results!!! What a relief!

And not cut out to be a SAHM? What on earth do you mean? It's the easiest job E.V.E.R.

I don't blame you in the least. It's hard. Really, really, really, really, really really hard. Did I mention REALLY hard. :)

Sonya said...

YAY... great news on so many fronts!

Wonderful news about the hearing. What a relief that must be. So awesome that Foster is enjoying preschool!

I hope the fair was fun!

make mony said...
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