I'd rather use the mens room...

...no, not like THAT. See, at work, we have two "internal" bathrooms - ones not available for public use like the hallway ones. They are labeled "women" and "men" but really, they are unisex. I usually try the "women's" bathroom first as it's the first door you come to down the hall. If it's locked I try the "men's" room. But OMG, the "womens" room usually smells like toothpaste! It's gross. I mean I'm sure the smell of minty-fresh toothpaste is better than some other bathroom smells but for some reason I can't stand that smell in the bathroom at work. It's worst after lunch-time when it seems like the Dental Convention is coming and everyone goes in there to brush teeth! Ick. I can't stand seeing dried drops of green and blue toothpaste in the sink, not to mention long strands of hair in the sink as well. It just turns my stomach. The door is always closed, it can't be propped open for the room to air out so it's just icky.

Now, the men's room is a different story. What, do men NOT ever brush their teeth? Apparently not - okay, I don't brush my teeth at work either. But I gotta tell you, it's very rare that that bathroom has ANY smells in it at all. Maybe that's because in my office of about 65 workers, I think there are only 3 or 4 men. And most of the women tend to use the women's room the men's room is usually underused. Anyway, what it comes down to is this - if I have my choice I use the men's room at work - because goodness, those guys are either really, really clean or they hold it all day until they get home and never use the work bathrooms.

There - end of rant!


Sonya said...

Too funny! Sounds like the mens room it is!

Casey said...

Well...sounds like you should visit the mens room more often. Though I have to say, I was one of those tooth brushing crazy women when I was working. After lunch, I just *had* to brush. I've been on the other side of bad-after-lunch breath and didn't want people thinking of me the way I thought of them. :)

Amy said...

Hi there,
I am a fellow mom on your Mother of Twins Club board and saw your link in a recent message. I just wanted to say that your boys are just toooooo adorable!

I am mom to Maya and Zoe (9 1/2 mos.) and also blog at http://mzmotherland.blogspot.com. (When I can find a few spare minutes.)

You are right on about the L Word. It was the only reason I kept SHOWTIME until the end of season two.