It's coming!!!

The week we've been waiting for - the week our daycare provider for the twins is on vacation. Such is the risk we take when opting for home daycare vs. Foster's center-based preschool. Oh well, I know she deserves it - it's just hard.

We had a great weekend though. I had a wonderful spa pedicure on Friday after work - this is after I got a DTaP shot/immunization during the day. By the end of the day I felt kinda ill but I wasn't sure if it was more "mind over matter" esp. after reading all the side-effects you can have from the shot. Anyway - the pedicure was wonderful.

Then, came Seth's night from Hell. All went as expected on Friday night. Dinner and baths and bed. Laura and I watched another L word episode and it was about 10:30pm when we were getting ready for bed. That's when Seth decided to wake up. To make a long story short, I wound up sleeping with him on the couch until he finally fell asleep at 3:15am. Do you know that you can order your swimming pool and spa by calling an "800" # from tv? Yeah, not very interesting programming on at that time. Seth thought it was fascinating and I didn't want to start watching something that would keep him up - little did I know! I finally transferred him to his crib at 3:30am. And went to bed. Then woke up at 8am. Not enough sleep!

But........after checking out our neighborhood garage sale on Saturday, we came home for lunch and the twins went down for a nap and actually slept for close to THREE hours! Unheard of. And Foster and I took a 2 hour nap. Then Foster and I went swimming and Laura stayed home with the twins.

And best of all - a spur of the moment chance to have a night out - dinner and a movie. The twins Godmother came over and watched the clan (fed them dinner, bathed and put them to bed) and Laura and I had a wonderful dinner out and finally got to see The DaVinci Code.

Today was quiet and low-keyed. Church in the morning, home for lunch and then nap for everyone (including me) and then Laura took Foster to the pool while I stayed home with the twins and did even more laundry.

And so, tomorrow it begins. Our week without daycare (for the twins) - Foster's still going to preschool as usual.

I'll keep you informed.


Laura said...

I hope your week goes well. Get those kids out and run them around silly and maybe they'll give you good naps and go to sleep for you.

Casey said...

How did the first day go?

Sonya said...

I personally really appreciate that you appreciate your care provider like you do... and you see that she needs a break now and again. I know it is an inconvenience, but I really appreciate that you recognize the other side of it.

Thank you!