Time to get busy...

Now that we're back from vacation and mostly moved into our new home, I want to tackle the first thing on my "virtual" list. That is to get some pictures updated from our trip to Alaska. I've been putting it off because the task seemed too huge...but I've decided to break it down into the days we were on vacation and post pictures that way.

My ulterior motive is that I also need to put together 3 photo books of all the pictures - one for a gift and the two others for family. I'll be posting the pictures here at the same time as I start to put together the photo book.

Whew...I'm off to organize the pictures on the computer and then will start my postings. Well, I have to or I will soon start to forget all the little details!!!

Other than that we're doing well...some of you know about the low-point of the cruise, and if you don't you soon well...but rest assured we're "so not done" with the cruise line and we're back on track. We will NOT let that incident spoil our T.O.A.L. (Trip Of A Lifetime)...and so it won't.

Summer is going well, we're enjoying our new backyard and the pool. Logan and Seth start swimming lessons this weekend (I hope) in our pool...just easier that way and much more personalized. Foster is a true fish...executing near-perfect dives...I'm way impressed. All 3 are currently attending a summer program on the school grounds of Foster's old school. Unfortunately it's the only one open during the hours we need (after all, we don't get a summer break) and it's in the "old 'hood" so we're driving about 20 - 30 minutes 2x day. Perhaps we'll do some more research next year here in our "new 'hood" for a summer program that's a bit closer to home. But regardless, they are all having a great time. And for Logan and Seth, that also means a structured pre-K program from 8 to noon each day. Both have just grown so much since starting pre-K - Seth is doing math (real math, like addition and subtraction) and Logan is really enjoying working on his worksheets. Both had their Kindergarten physicals this week and Logan is still holding steady as the bigger "twin" at 38 pounds and Seth is so slim at 32 pounds. But both are healthy and no worries to be had - it's totally their nature and both have been following the same growth curve for 5 years.

Okay, off to organize my pictures and hopefully begin my posting soon!

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