It's "VACATION TIME" finally...

Whew...we worked so hard moving over the past few months that it seemed like vacation would NEVER get here...but here it is. Today was my last day of work until I go back on 7/21. Whohoo!

We're set to fly up to Seattle on Friday (meeting my mom at the San Diego airport on Friday to all fly up together), staying over at a great looking Embassy Suites hotel (with indoor pool for my 3 little fishies) and then Saturday at noon we'll be boarding the B-O-A-T.

We're going on NCL on the Star. A week sailing to Alaska. Can't wait. The kids are so excited...but I really don't think they quite get the magnitude of the ship...they've never seen a real cruise ship up close before. I know they will be totally thrilled. Foster is even more thrilled that he gets to miss a week of school (yup, still in school until 7/21) - but lucky kid that he is, his teacher made sure to supply him with a week's worth of school work! But it's more "fun" stuff than not...like a weather report each day; reading the next day's activity list; etc.

Anyway, tomorrow is a "free" day for us...the boy is in school and Logan and Seth are going to Pre-K...so we'll pack (hey, laundry is all done) and I need to get a haircut too...go out for lunch...go to a b-day party...and do some last minute things around the house...then it's a 3pm flight on Friday (so I guess we have some time on Friday morning too) and the vacation begins!


Sonya said...

Have fun!

Three Boys and a Blog said...

Just wanted to compliment you on your blog. I am also a mom of three boys blogging about being outnumbered. What is the age difference between your boys?