Real Estate and estate of being real...

How does anyone make it thru escrow???!!!???

I swear...every time we turn around another paper needs to be signed or faxed or delivered or looked at or called about or or or or or


Friday the domino of real estate happens. Our place gets sold to Mr. L. and in turn the proceeds get dumped (okay, gently placed) into our new house!!!!! Then we get the keys and prepare to move. Yup, we "get" a month to move! The buyer of our current house made a deal with us...if we signed an agreement to move out of here no later than June 15th (well, I guess regardless if we actually found another house...but we were already solidly sure of our new home) he'd pay our mortgage for the MONTH and we can move slowly and hopefully without too much stress. Whew!

The new house - altho it was COMPLETELY remodeled and fixed inside, still needs a bit of work. We MUST have a pool cover installed before we move in - and we MUST get window coverings, a brand new fridge (stainless) and h.e. washing machine and dryer. Well, the W & D are, I guess, not a MUST but I really don't want to be going to a laundromat 3x/week so we moved those up to the "MUST HAVE" list! Can't wait to get a front-loader W & D!! Whohoo!!! (esp. since laundry is "my job" vs. cooking which is Laura's "job"). But yeah, since I don't really want to live in a fish-bowl, window-coverings are a MUST. We're also getting an alarm system since it really cut down our insurance...almost pays for itself.

But, brand new carpet, paint, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. is a wonderful, fresh feeling.

Oh, get this! We ordered Foster some new furniture - a captain's style bed (one with 8 drawers underneath) and we will be moving the twins into Foster's bunk beds. At the store we went to, we really liked the floor model of the furniture set (bed, bedside table and desk), it was marked down and then 25% off of that, but only for the floor model. It was in really good condition considering it's been sitting in the showroom for 6 mos., and knowing our boys (!!) we could handle a dent or two in some furniture. So we bought the whole thing....Get a call today that they found a BRAND NEW set (same furniture) at their other showroom and since it's BRAND NEW they will be delivering that set at the SAME PRICE that we paid for the "lovingly dented" floor model!!!!!!! SCORE!! I mean, really, that's really cool news!!

On that note, better get to bed, my alarm (read: Seth) gets me up too early!

More news to come!

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