News to be coming soon:

Lots going on, so therefore little time to post:

-getting furniture delivered and set up in the new house
-putting together said furniture (PITA!!)
-taking time out to take a swim in our pool!
-getting kids enrolled in schools
-realizing that older house = no water line for fridge (water and ice in the door) and therefore NEED handy person ASAP
-front loader high efficiency washer/dryer to be delivered in 2 weeks
-window blinds being installed this weekend
-packing, packing, packing (and bringing over stuff every visit)
-ACK, bad news house has BEES...good news = seller to remove said bees
-ceiling fans to be purchased and installed in 7 rooms (there's 6 bedrooms and living room)
-bad news = 3 boys discovered that Styrofoam breaks up into millions of tiny pieces to make "SNOW" on.the.carpet. HELLLOOOOO DYSON!
-did I mention swimming in our pool? OMG, the boys LOVED IT!
-MUST decide on phone/cable/Internet installation in the house, bad news = for some insane reason the house does not have ONE phone jack - uggggg...good news, we get to place/install said phone jacks anywhere we want
-getting home alarm installed AFTER we figure out phone situation
-good news = having a separate playroom and a separate office means NO TOYS IN THE LIVING ROOM
-new everything inside the house means really, nothing needs to be changed/updated...I love the paint colors, the moulding, the carpet, the tile, the granite counter tops, the stainless dishwasher, brand new sinks, toilets...
-This is our CHANCE to make this house our HOME...we're doing what we want and how we want to
-not a penny in HOA fees...that is so great, no matter the amount, we hated sending that off every month (they can raise it at will and there is no limit) and now we don't have to pay it anymore!
-oh yeah, pool party!

That's it for now...move date set for Saturday June 13th 8am. We hope to have already moved lots of stuff before then.

Stay tuned!


Tanya said...

Sounds busy, but so much fun!!! And hey, I know a handyperson :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ivy, you're so cute! How quaint that you are delusional enough to believe there won't be toys in the living room!

momtothreeboys said...

Anita - a mom can dream can't she??

momtothreeboys said...

Tanya, how much is R charging per hour for "handyperson" work???

Tanya said...

He usually get about $16-20/hr. That's what he tells people, so I guess it's kind of open :)

Anonymous said...

June 13th is my Gpa's birthday. It's a good day to move in. :)