House coming along...

We went to the 'new' house today to do our final walk-thru and were extremely pleased to find out that the seller sent over (and obviously is paying for) a couple of guys to remove the unsightly plywood that covered a side of fencing! Yay! Less for us to do. The remaining fence on that side is in good condition too - double yay!

Everytime we visit our 'new' home-to-be we get a little bit more excited! Today we drove around the area for a bit and within a mile or so radius we have all our "regular" haunts - restaurants, movie rental place, haircuts, grocery, bookstore, etc. Whohoo!

I still hate moving but this is a good move. We're moving into OUR home. This current house is one that Laura bought and I moved into later on...this one is OURS.

We are also looking forward to changing/adding a few things. One is ceiling fans in EVERY room...a must for the summer. Especially since they will be our primary lighting source...7 ceiling fans (and installing them) coming up! I think we're also going to check into replacing the sliding glass doors (I really don't like sliding doors) with double french doors - and include a 'pet door' for our future pooch!

So much still to do and just over a month to do it!

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