Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

Well, just the 7 years part...

My "baby" turned 7 years old today.

He also started first grade (again) today - what a bummer to start school on your birthday. But, in the end, he had a much better time than last year. He apparently has a really good teacher and he's much more confident this time around. He also started a new "before and after" school program, the formally "6 to 6" program which is now known as "Prime Time". He had been attending a private before and after school program and previously we didn't think he was ready for the "Prime Time" program because it was larger, had more kids and was (we thought) less structured. But - the "free" part of it drew us in. And the more we researched it, the better it looked. They recently restructured the entire program and it's much more organized and has kids grouped in smaller sections. They focus a lot on academics and 'movement' (music, karate, etc.). And, our neighbor kids go there too. So, in the end, Foster actually enjoyed his experience at "Prime Time" - and I'm so happy we made the switch - and yeah, it's free.

So, because it was the first day of school, I took the mandatory "first day of school" picture. And unlike the previous 2 years, the kid is smiling. See for yourself.

Kindergarten 2006

First grade 2007

First grade (again) 2008

After a very successful first day back to school, we celebrated his 7th birthday. Foster selected his "birthday dinner" - Carl's Jr. - and we all obliged. Following that we had ice-cream cake (his selection) and of course, presents. His party (for friends) isn't until September 20th - but that's okay - he doesn't seem to mind. This year, it seemed like the hints he had been dropping were mainly sports-related. He was very excited about all his gifts from his mommies, Bubbe, grandma and other relatives (money, gift cards to that THAT place, etc.).

Here are some pictures from this afternoon - we ate outside (picnic style) and that went over REALLY well too. Other neighbor kids joined in to watch Foster open his presents.

Opening presents

Bat, ball, mitt, frisbee

Scooter (and Logan and Seth looking on)

Hugging Gina (Logan and Seth's daycare provider) for her present (cash)

Panda hugs

Scooter love

Scooter time!

Make a wish baby!!!!


Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Foster! Have lots of outdoor fun with all your new stuff. :)

Timmy's Girl said...

What a great post, Ivy! I know that making the decision to hold him back was a hard and long one, but it seems that mommies know best! I am so blessed to see him so happy and starting the year, school and 7th year, off in such a awesome way! Happy birthday, Buddy.
I can't believe you had time to post so close to your big day...I missed reading them! Praying for you guys and love you.

Sonya said...

Happy first day of school AND Happy Birthday!!!

It looks like a great day!

Casey said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Back to School!!

Kristen said...

happy birthday!
I'd wondered what you'd decided to do about school. I hope it works out well for him- looks like its good so far.

rae said...

happy birthday foster!
and holy crap ivy, is he your mini me or what?
the older he gets the more he looks like you.
so cool.
writing you back right now

gabrielle said...

happy birthday foster from your kiwi friends