The bane of my existence

The kids' toychest.

I try to clean it out, oh, "every once in a while" (nope, not defining that) but I honestly believe that when I'm not looking - the toys in there are having, well, too much "fun" and are multiplying....rapidly.

Exhibit "A"

I'm scared.

I start to take all the stuff out.

I'm half way down. It's like peeling back layers of an onion - or discovering treasures in the earth strata...

Exhibit "B"

The ridiculous amount of plastic "stuff" on the floor...is...

Exhibit "C"

And finally, the newly cleaned out, rearranged and pretty-to-look-at-for-the-next-five-minutes is...

Exhibit "D"

The best part of it all is that this is my son's "treasure chest" - AKA: all things near and dear to him. Almost everything else in the toychest could disappear and he wouldn't care as long as he had these few items. All of them that take up, oh, like, 6 square inches of space........


Dan and Natalie said...

that looks great, wanna come organize our playroom ?
Tristan doesn't like to get rid of anything, he gets upset when we throw away half of the missing toy. "we might find it later"
Kids, love it

Kristen said...

Hey we have a toy box whose inards look just like that! I even pulled out a garbage bag of stuff to toss and a bag to save, and its STILL full and it still with either not be played with for weeks at a time, or it will ALL end up on the floor for days and days.

Tanya said...

Holy cow, how does all that stuff fit in there. I need to really freecycle many of J's toys. Especially since he seems to play with the household stuff over the toys anyhow.

Sonya said...

YAY for a clean toychest!

LOL... we don't even have a toychest. But Carie did happen to ask A&E yesterday afternoon if there was anything that they were ready to let go of... to give to other kids. They started giving like *everything* away to the daycare kids that were there. Uh... okay, let's table this discussion until later. LOL

But apparantly they are moved to let go of some of their things. There is hope! Wow!