Vote "No on 8" AKA: "No on h8te"

Well, one the best bumper stickers seen so far (kudos to Laura who spotted it):

"Can I vote on your marriage now?"

Love it!!

Because really, if my marriage to another woman undermines YOUR marriage (opposite sex) or your beliefs - well, then your marriage isn't that strong to begin with and your beliefs aren't that rock-solid either - because tell me...what harm is my marriage doing to you - and you personally. Nothing, right.

And I can tell you - by the show of wonderful supporters, family and friends that attended our wedding - we are blessed - and best of all --- people really "GET IT". They truly understand that two people of the same sex can love each other and have kids and create a loving life.

I got it.

Oh, and I'm turning off comments on this one, because I'm just not interested in entering into a debate - I know how I'm voting (and the hundreds of our 'supporters') and you know how you are voting - if you want to contact me and you know how, feel free - but it isn't going to be here.

And no, this isn't directed to any one person - you know me better than that - this is my belief and my opinion directed out to the blogosphere.

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