Our very busy, very productive day...

Okay, here's our list (Laura was off work today) of what we did today.

Read thru the list and then tell me what you think my "drug of choice" was - yes, it's legal and yes it's on the list.

Here goes:

Drop Foster off at summer program
Go to breakfast at IHOP
Go to Vons (grocery store)
Go to Abbey Party Rental
Go to Marshalls
Go to Hallmark
Go to Mervyn's
Order fresh flower lei's for wedding at flower place
Go to Target
Go to Raphaels (party rental place)
Go to Home Depot ('cause I broke our kitchen faucet, well, it WAS old)
Go to the bank (nope, no free samples)
Return videos at Blockbuster
Go to Starbucks where I ordered a "Dirty Chai Latte" with TWO shots of espresso
Laura went to a doctor's appointment and I'm on my 3rd load of laundry

Any thoughts??

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