I can see clearly now.....(c'mon, sing along)

So, yes, Logan loves his new glasses. I took him to pick them up. They put them on him and they asked him to look at a sign posted way on the other side of the office. Logan said "I can see the sign" - well, at least he didn't say "I can see the light, must follow the light..." (enough stupid humor Ivy). He was over the moon excited to be able to SEE.

He kept commenting to me "I can see Mommy" - it literally brought tears to my eyes, I felt so bad that we didn't pick up on it sooner but oh so happy that my boy can see. Funny though, when I was checking out they let him pick a "treasure" out of the treasure chest. I pointed to the treasure chest and looked at Logan - he wasn't moving. Rather he was lifting his glasses on and off his eyes and saying "close (with glasses on), far (with glasses off), close, far, close, far...". Sweet boy. He has been really good with them. He takes them off at night and puts them on first thing in the morning by himself. I don't know much about the prescription but one of the lenses is a "+7" which I understand is quite a strong Rx. I wear glasses and I think mine was like a +2 or something, so I guess his is much worse.

Anyway, he took to them very easily and I'm so thankful. I envisioned a struggle but there was none. We do have to remind him that he's not to push out the lenses (did that once) or play with his glasses. Overall he is doing so well. And for the very first time EVER, he sat ON the couch to watch a tv program vs. on the floor right in front of the tv.

We do have an appt. in a few weeks to go back in to get his eye patched. They are planning to do the patching first and if it doesn't work out then surgery may be indicated.

But for now, he's a very happy camper.

Here's a few pic's of Logan and Seth playing with play-doh and painting this past Sunday while Mommy Laura and Foster were off to Home Depot.

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Sonya said...

How awesome! That play doh setup looks pretty cool.