Because I'm feeling "picture-y"

Foster, Seth and Logan under their "masking tape web"

Logan wearing lots and lots of leis while playing with the dollhouse

Foster wearing lots and lots of leis

We've had this Hanukkah set now for a few years and we used to take it out every year at Hanukkah time but since last Hanukkah we had to leave it out. It ranks up there on the Top 5 favorite toys to play with year-round - regardless of the 'holiday'

How Logan and Seth set up their family around the Hanukkah table --- so what if the dog is now seated AT the table in a chair - you know, equal opportunity and all that


Timmy's Girl said...

I wanna play!!!! The 'web' looks like so much fun!

Sonya said...


babelouise said...

Oh! So cute!