R.S.V.P. - how hard is it??

Logan and Seth are turning 4 on the 15th (I know, how did that happen?) and their party is this Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese (pass the asprin).

As such, we sent out invites a while ago.

We had in total, maybe 16+ kids invited. How many RSVP's did we get before I had to ask? TWO. I mean c'mon people, how hard is it to send an e-mail to RSVP? I need a head-count BEFORE the event. I know you're all busy but really, so are we. I know I may sound pissy but it annoys me. I always RSVP ASAP (don't you love that double acronym??).

The majority of the kids invited are the ones from their daycare. I had to re-contact each one to ask - again - if their child was able to come. I'm going to start to take this personally soon. And then when I ask I get "I hope so" and "I'll let you know". Ugggggg. I need to know this time around because we have to give a fairly accurate count before the event - I wouldn't care as much if we were just having it at home or a park or someplace but this is paid PER kid.

Oh well, I have to just let it go - I have a good idea now who is coming and will call in that number and hope they all show up (or we'll be paying for the ones who don't). I sure hope that we get a better response for our wedding invites (more on that another time).

And what's the deal with Thank You notes - I can't tell you how many kid b-day parties we've been to where we never rec'd a thank you note (or an e-mail, or a call...). Laura says that it seems like saying "Thank You" at the party is good enough - neither of us agree. Oh well that's enough ranting now.


Casey said...

I SO agree on both. I even have trouble getting *family* to RSVP (we only have family parties for the kisd at this point). What is so hard about sending an email or heck - even making a phone call.

As for thank you notes - I agree. They are important. A pain to do, no doubt, especially when the kids don't write well (or at all) but I think it teaches them an important lesson. What I think happens now though is the goodie bag. I think people are feeling like "I gave a goodie bag as thanks - that's good enough." I vote on ditching the goodie bag and going back to thank you notes. :)

Sonya said...

Happy early b-day to Logan & Seth!!!

I'm sorry about the RSVP's!!! We've not really had to deal with it yet on the level you are. I don't ask our family to rsvp, because I know that it is pointless. We did ask for rsvp's regret only for A&E's recent party but it wasn't a big deal since it was at our house. It was nice to know roughly how many were coming so we were prepared for that, but it wasn't like we were paying a retailer for services based on head count.

Thank you notes... yeah, I agree. We've actually gotten several from other b-day parties which was really nice! We also do it for our parties. Although this last batch has taken longer than we had hoped. But they'll still go out and I hope they are appreciated. The big delay for us seems to be getting the kids involved in it. It is a lot for them to tackle.

I hope the wedding plans are going well! Can't wait to hear!

MommyNay said...

I dont know anyone who does thank you notes. Ive never recieved one nor have I sent any. For a wedding or a shower I can see it...but for a kids birthday party? Maybe its because weve attended the same parties and had the same people attend our parties since the start of kids. I do remember growing up my mom always had us make thank you cards...but I dont remember ever getting one.

Tanya said...

Thanks for reminding me. I need to RSVP for a party this weekend as well, but I misplaced the invite that I got last week. I hate calling to RSVP, but I do it out of respect.

I agree with Casey. Get rid of goodie bags! Hate having to make them since their expected and don't really like the little trinkets and candy J gets in them. Super balls for a 2yr old is still iffy to me and most ends up in the trash after a couple days :) We do always try to do thank you notes.

At the last party they had a Pinata but they've taken all the danger (read *fun*) out of them and instead of hitting them each child pulls a ribbon until the candy comes out. Yeah that lasted till the third kid!

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