Rockin and a Rollin

I was sitting here at the computer finishing up some stuff and I felt it.

That familiar rolling feeling.

Magnitude 5.8 a few hours north of here. 5.8 is a fairly good shake. However all I felt was a rolling sensation which lasted about 2 seconds. Then I heard the birds outside squawking away. Turned on the TV and sure enough they were already reporting on it.

Hopefully this was the actual earthquake and not a foreshock, but I'm thinking not since there have been about 5 aftershocks (none that I felt) within the past 10 minutes.

This is why we live in Southern CA!!!


Sonya said...

Oh man, Ellie has been talking about this for a few days now. She caught a nano-second of the news in the hotel lobby and is now fretting about earthquakes, volcano's, wild fires, you name it & she is worried.

Anonymous said...

we were the epicenter! lol!
my parents were here from ks too! talk about fun. only my second shaker in 12 years~~!