Oh Say Can You (not) See........


Logan needs glasses. BIG TIME.

The poor kid was at the eye dr. for over 2.5 hours. His vision is so bad, he'll need eye-patching too. Oy.

Over the last few months we noticed one of his eyes turning in, not to mention the fact that he always has to sit 4" from the tv. He also can't see it when I hold up a cereal box from the kitchen when he's seated in the dining room - about 15 feet away. He was able to see the box at about 3 feet.

I feel bad that we didn't pick this up a while ago, but it was only fairly recently that he was able to verbalize how bad he couldn't see.

So, I picked out really cute glasses at our Children's Hospital (where he saw the eye dr.) and I must say, he looks so cute in them. I just hope he wears them without too much difficulty.

Of course I'll post pictures as soon as the glasses are ready (in about 2 weeks - the Rx is so strong they have to send it out to be specially made).


gabrielle said...

bet he will look very cute, Bella wore glasses from about 6yrs and her first pair were barbie ones in a barbie pink carry case..she wouldn't be seen dead in them now but she sure looked cute then.

'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. I am sure he will look adorable. Karizma had to wear glasses for a little bit at about 6-7 due to a stigmatism, and she looked adorable.

Miguel wore glasses for several years and is now onto contacts. He was really good about taking care of them, cleaning them, etc. He was a bit older, though. I will pray for Logan and I am sure he will do fine. He has 2 very supportive moms.

Holly said...

poor kid! having poor eyesight stinks. hope you have much success with the glasses