"I am a ROBOT"

It's been raining quite heavily here in southern CA and for the very first time in my kids' lives, it was actually wet enough to take a "Rain Walk" and go splash in the puddles. I'll post some individaul pictures later on but this is too funny, that's Logan in the front saying "I am a ROBOT" and Seth following him. And yes, big brother decided to lay down IN the puddle. That's okay, nothing a few loads of laundry and a hot shower couldn't take care of.


Sonya said...

That looks FUN! We don't have puddles to jump/play in either. But it looks like the kids had fun!

Kiara said...
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Kiara said...

It's been raining so heavily in this other part of the world.. It can get frustrating cause I can't put the clothes out to dry..

Nevertheless,my lil' one has been havin a splashing good time everyday on our walks to and from school!!

Your boys look like they're havin' an awesome time..yEA TRUE...No need to get upset..A hot shower after that would do some good.