Lost a tooth, and not who you would think!

No, not Foster. He doesn't even have ONE loose tooth - perhaps because he was a toothless yearling (we felt his first tooth starting to pop in just a day after his first birthday). He started getting teeth late so I assume he'll start to loose them late.

Anyway, Sunday night as we were getting the kids ready for a shower, Seth lets out a piercing scream. He said Logan hit him with his head like this (he shows me). It was completely an accident - the kids were jumping all over the couch and each other. I cautiously peer into his mouth and there is lots of blood. We put ice on it. I keep thinking - I sure hope he didn't knock a tooth loose. I look again. The bleeding is slowing down and I gently touch the top front tooth that looks, well, a little different now. Sure enough, it moved when I touched it. My stomach dropped into the floor. This is the kid that doesn't eat enough as it is! I thought at that moment that this will make his eating worse! AND, this isn't the first tooth gone. At about a 18 mos. or so, he had an "extra" tooth removed, one that was growing in between those top two teeth.

Damn. We called the doctor and dentist Sunday night and made an appt. for first thing Monday morning. We went to the dentist and sure enough, the root was snapped in half and the tooth had to be removed. My poor baby! Laura stayed with him this time (I did the first tooth removal at 18 mos.), I couldn't do it.

They gave him Valium, nitrous oxide and Novocaine. They said he'd probably conk out the minute he got in the car to go home. Obviously they don't know my Seth. He feel asleep about half a mile from the house, for about 2 minutes. He pretty much cried all the way home. We gave him some Motrin and about 20 minutes later you wouldn't have known anything was wrong. The boy who doesn't eat, suddenly inhaled two scrambled eggs with cheese, two pieces of very soft toast and then another hard-boiled egg. Then after 3 episodes of "Caillou", I couldn't take it anymore and asked him if he wanted to go to the store (99 cent store) to pick out a toy (not counting the three goodie bags the dentist gave him) just to get out of the house. He eagerly agreed.

My mother and I drove for a while to the 99-cent store where he proceeded to demand to walk thru the store and NOT sit in his stroller. Okaaaaaaaaay. He was cleaning up the aisles as we walked around. He picked out a toy calculator and two dinosaurs that were "just the bones". He did sit in his stroller when we went into another store and then was wide awake all the way home.

He did tell Logan that he wasn't mad at him. Whew! I'm sure there will be more bumps, bruises, and broken body parts but man, I wasn't planning on this yesterday.

Now, we will probably get him a partial because it will be another good 3 years before his permanent tooth comes in and I bet he'd want that front tooth there for school. But honestly, he sure is cute with that missing tooth and it just makes him look so much older than his 3 years.


Sonya said...

Oh no! I'm sorry this happened to Seth!

Casey said...

Holy moly! I'm so sorry. :(

Do they really do partials for kids? That's amazing.

I'm really sorry though - that had to be rough for all of you.

momtothreeboys said...

Casey - acutally YES, they really do partials for kids!!! The dentist showed us a model before they took out the tooth. We have to wait a few weeks for it to heal and then decide if we want to do it. I'm leaning towards probably altho, gosh, he looks pretty cute with that tooth missing!

Laura said...

Oh, poor baby!!!