New addition to my sidebar

I keep thinking of things I want to do with the kids so I went thru my online list and added them over there, off to the right, on the sidebar.

As we complete them, I'll remove them.

I hope one day to have a whole new list (meaning we did everything on the old list).


Veronica said...

Awesome idea, Ivy. I look forward to seeing you able to cross them off!

Sonya said...

I LOVE this idea!

And your Mall of America idea... it is GREAT.

We went to Minneapolis this summer and that was totally part of our vacation. We stayed across the street at a hotel with a huge waterpark. Did the waterpark for a couple of days. Did MOA - "the park" for a full day. Went to the zoo a couple of days. It was a great trip!

Anonymous said...

We did the MOA when we were in Minneapolis 2 yrs. ago. The park was great - what kid doesn't like Camp Snoopy? The mall itself was just that -- a giant mall. Since I'm not a shopper, I could have done without that part.