Mini-Vacation --- HERE we come!

This weekend we're joining lots and lots of other GLBT families for the 5th Annual Family Pride in the Desert. Both Laura and I are taking off work on Friday and we'll be sneaking in to pick up Foster early from school (probably right after lunch) and Logan and Seth from Gina's to "get the show on the road" early. Dinner is served at 6.

The weekend looks like so much fun! Lots of activities - swimming, family games, movies, tye-dyeing, a little sight-seeing and best of all --- all the food is included! Yay!

They sold out the hotel we're staying at - this is the main hotel for all the activities so I was very happy to get us a suite. We'll be here - the Shilo Inn has two swimming pools and from what I understand, all the rooms kind of face the middle courtyard and the pools.

We'll be meeting up with some friends we've met before and some we only know via the internet.

Foster is beyond excited about his "vacation" and sleeping for two nights in a HOTEL.

I really am looking forward to it - we need a mini-break!

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Sonya said...

Have a fantastic time!!!

Casey said...

Have a great time - it sounds like a lot of fun.

Heather said...

We will see you there. JoAnn the kids and I got a suite at the Shilo too. And we have not seen each other since last years BBQ in SD. JoAnn also took friday off, i have to head down in SD in the morning for a consult but after that and when I get home we are heading over.

See you Friday

rae said...

hey ivy!!!!!!!! we never got the damn picture taken!!!!! BLAH!
you didn't stick around for the happy circle time. fun times.
aerial tramway was a trip. my poor tummy.....
okay talk soon. so great to have finally met you. hope you are going back next year!