I'm in, Laura's not...

I got selected for jury duty, Laura didn't. After I had gotten there and got into the court-room, I actually 'wanted' to get picked. Once I heard what the case is about (no, I'm not telling...yet) I wanted to get picked so I could find out how it ended up. Well, I got my wish, I'm in, and the case is expected to last thru Wednesday.

Laura didn't get selected. She never even left the Jury Lounge (her name never came up). Here in San Diego, the law is "One Day, One Trial". So you show up one day, if you get selected for a trial, you finish up that trial. If you don't get selected and you sit in the jury lounge for the day, you're done. The difference is that if I finish this trial, I can be excused from jury duty for 3 years. Laura can be summoned again in as little as one year.

The best part of the day was lunch. We met and walked over to a wonderful nearby hotel where we had a wonderful (read, quite pricy) lunch together. Kinda like we actually had a date! It was very fun indeed.

So, I report in tomorrow at 9am and I hope to end the days by 4:30 or so.

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