Follow this link to see our newest pictures!


A little side note though on the pictures. The Amazing Race ones were a birthday party we did for a friend. It was mostly fun until I (Ivy) took a nasty fall resulting in a sprained ankle and a busted knee that landed me on crutches for a week. Other than that, we had lots of fun.


Oh and another post below, be sure to read to your heart's content....


Casey said...

Am umm...where oh where is a photo of YOU? :)

Looks like fun but I am so sorry about the injuries to you. OUCH!

momtothreeboys said...

Yeah, well, I'm usually the only one who takes the pictures. Still healing the ankle and knee - I'm such a klutz!

Laura said...

Very cool, but I'm so sorry you got hurt. How aer you doing now?

Holly said...

Ouch. Sorry about the nasty fall - hope you are moving around better by now!

love the pictures! Looks like the amazing race was a blast!