Yes, we did go shopping!

Well, we did get to a Kmart - twice. Spent the first $500 the first day and the rest on the second. Boy, was THAT fun. You know how when you go to Target or Kmart or a store like that and you see all these things that would be fun or cool to have but just aren't 100% necessary? Well, we always do that so this time, we took 2 carts and just went up and down the aisles and selected all the things that we both really do need (i.e. pull-ups, shampoo, pull-up, wipes, and pull-ups) and then we really had fun selecting the things we really don't need but wanted. Things like a new shower head, a storage unit for the bathroom, new watches, etc. Totally fun - and a great way to stock up.

The check got deposited and that was just as fun!!!!

I will NEVER look at a class-action lawsuit the same way again.

More updates (and pictures) coming soon!

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Laura said...

That is just so cool. I hope you enjoy all your new fun stuff.