A sign of the times

I've been meaning to post about this but well, you know, that damn time availability thing...…

Anyway, about a month or so ago, I went for my annual ob/gyn visit - lovely visual - now get it out of your head. This is at a Kaiser clinic - and I was surprised - in a good way. I think overall, Kaiser has a bad reputation, but my own personal experience from ob/gyn (and our subsequent inseminations and pregnancies), to pediatrics to adult services has been great. Maybe it's just "my" lucky Kaiser clinic.

Anyway, I check in, get my forms to update/fill out and begin. Being that this IS an ob/gyn visit I fully expect to be able to skip over the birth control part, or the spouse/boyfriend part as not pertaining to my, ahem, situation.

At about question 5 or so, the question reads:
"Do you have a sexual relationship with (check all that apply):

HA!!! Finally - some vindication to "my lifestyle situation".

Then comes question #6:
"Do you need information on birth control?"
I answered that with a "NO, see question #5"

This is the very first time in all my dr. visits that had a questionnaire that was inclusive of lifestyles OTHER than heterosexual.


The times, they are A-changin'


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Casey said...

I love Kaiser. The kids and I have them and I seriously love them. But then, I worked for an HMO for 7 years and I know how it all works and what to expect. When Dakota's insurance landed back in fee for service land I flipped. Hated it! I did everything I could to get us to Kaiser.

I've been seeing those choices on my forms for a few years although funny...when I had my annual a few weeks back, they never had me complete a form. Hmmmmm. Interesting.

Congrats on getting that appointment out of the way. It's no fun but a necessary evil.