Let’s see, it’s Wednesday night, which must mean I’m “Solo Mommy” as Laura takes a class thru her church every Wednesday night. That also means Foster gets to help me put the twins to sleep, this is his new-found love. Why you ask? Don’t know, but I ain’t complaining. The funny thing is, that the twins go to sleep when he (a FIVE year old) tells them to, they don’t quite listen as well when I tell them to. Harrumph.

Anyway, what else is going on? My mom just recently flew back home after visiting with us over the holidays. It was fun, we all had a whirlwind visit, but now it’s nice to start getting back into the groove of our regular schedule again – and to plan…………

……plan for our trip to New York come mid-April. Ever hear of “Snakes on a Plane”?? How about “Toddlers on a Plane”? What are we thinking? 3 kids on a cross-country flight? OY. We’re nuts. We are planning on taking the red-eye there so I’m hopeful they’ll sleep for most of the flight. But coming back – well, don’t plan on flying from NY to CA anytime on April 22 okay? I warned you. Foster is beyond excited that he’ll get to fly on the “big plane” as he puts it. I need to get a kid-friendly book with lots of pictures of New York to show him what he’ll be seeing. Any suggestions???

I’m beyond excited FOR him. I can’t wait to take him into the city to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, even the subways. This will be his third trip to NY but the last time we went he was just over two years old. This time he’ll get so much more out of the trip. It will be the twins first time to NY not to mention on an airplane – okay, if you want to be technical, I was pregnant with them the last time we flew to NY so it’s not exactly their first trip. Anyway – that’s currently our big thing to look forward to.

I have a job interview this Saturday (!) – I know, a Saturday? Yeah, they are having a huge “hiring hall” and lots of people with be interviewing. I’m excited about a potential change. I’m interviewing for a CPS position. I need something more stimulating, more exciting, something where I’m actually working with other social workers instead of all the nurses I’m working with now. I’ve been at my current position for almost 6 years; it’s time for a change. I’ve outgrown my position. Wish me luck.

Guess I’ll end this here – all the kids are asleep and I have a few hours to do a few things on my “to do” list before Laura gets home.
“til next time…

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Casey said...

I'm glad to see an update. I often wonder how the 5 of you are doing. :)