Now Day 6

Day 6 was fun! The actress Sharon Gless was on-board to promote her new movie "Hannah Free", feel free to check it out. She had a packed audience to view the movie which was by the way, excellent!!! Laura and I came across Sharon in the casino right before her movie-showing nervously smoking and pacing. She was very, very nice in person!

Laura and I took some time to walk around the ship while the kids were in camp. We enjoyed a coffee and some time alone. The thing about cruises is that there is ALWAYS something to do, so if you don't actually force yourself to take a break and relax you can easily get over-stimulated. Anyway, that was fun...I also enjoyed "people-watching".

This day was actually really a low-key day. Our port stop was Prince Rupert, British Columbia. We decided against taking any tours in this quaint, sleepy town and instead the boys remained on the ship with Bubbe and Laura and I walked into town. Not too much to see, some shops, some fishing boats, people. We walked around for a couple of hours and then it started raining so we went back on board where we prepared for the final evening of entertainment. The entertainment was excellent...it was a traveling troupe from China - acrobats, dancers, etc. The kids loved it and sat glued to their seats.

It was a fun, relaxing day.

Kelli O'donnell introducing Sharon Gless

Sharon Gless during the "Q & A" following the movie

Main area of the ship

Main area of the ship

R Family Vacations Welcomes YOU

Ivy enjoying some quiet time

Twins having fun in the cabin with balloons

Exiting at Prince Rupert Island

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Evening entertainment

Docked at Prince Rupert

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