First Day of School - 2009

All 3 ready for their big day
Walking into the school

Front of the school

Logan's classroom - he's at "10:00" with the mohawk (the only way to get him to NOT wear a ballcap is to put his hair in a mohawk)

Seth's class, he's sitting with his arm over the back of the bench

School library - cool!

Foster's classroom is the one with the birdhouses hanging from the roof

Foster's class' backpacks

Taken through the window of Foster's class, got it!


Sonya said...

Congrats on the 1st day!

It is always interesting to see how much different our schools look from the outside.

It looks like each class has their own outside door... and there is parking right up next to the building.

We have one main entrance + secure teacher entrances. You pretty much have to go by the front office before you can get most anywhere in the building. We have a drop off lane out front with minimal parking on the street side. But most all of the parking is on the side of the building.

momtothreeboys said...

Actually all the classrooms are behind the "cinder block" wall you see in the front of the school. There is no way, once school starts to actually get INTO or ONTO the school grounds without going thru the office. And the entire school is surrounded by a chain-link fence. All the schools here have become much more safety-aware in the past year. But yes, there are parking spots right up near the school but those are usually reserved for school personnel but for our time of drop-off and pick-up we get to park there!

Kristen said...

Sonya, I'd imagine your schools are mostly indoors, while CA schools are more outdoors. All our school around here look like Ivy's.
I love the library- it looks new, maybe? And also the little peek in the window pic :)

momtothreeboys said...

Yup, pretty much all the schools in southern CA are "outside" - the weather is so mild year-round that kids walk from class to class outside and entrances are usually to the outside of the room. Yeah, the library is brand new (and beautiful inside) and the kids get to pick 2 books each week! Fun!