Where's my damn bailout???

Huh? Where is it? Uggggg, I'm so disgusted by people who think that the government should bail them out just because they made really bad financial decisions.

This all came to a head recently when Laura told me about someone at work who was just thrilled to announce they were able to declare bankruptcy. Their slate will be swept clean and they get to keep their house, no debt, etc. NOW, don't get me wrong, these are not people who suddenly found themselves jobless or having severe medical problems...NOOOOOOOOO...this is a couple who both partners are working (making good incomes actually) but were fiscally irresponsible, they bought a house that they couldn't afford, ran up their credit cards, took out a second mortgage and then decided they'd rather NOT pay their bills and start again. So, they declare bankruptcy and gleefully go on their way. In fact, after declaring such bankruptcy what do they do? Do they shamefully admit their foolish spending ways and commit to relearning how to live within their means?????????? Oh hell no, they go on a Target spending spree.


No, this is not meant for the people who lost jobs due to the economy or have huge unexpected medical bills, I believe help should be available to them...it's the ones who bought the big-ass screen tv's, the cars, went on vacations, went to Target and bought something from every aisle...it's those people who I have ZERO sympathy for. Cut up your credit cards, don't buy fast food, pay your bills and - get HELP.

Laura and I have always, ALWAYS been fiscally responsible. We're looking for a new bigger house now just for that reason....we can. We are responsible and will not buy beyond our means. We don't spend money on lavish items...our cruise this year is our first "real" vacation in close to 7 years (last vacation with Foster was to Oregon for a week using our timeshare) and without kids, over 10 years. It's my big "4-0" this year and our 10th anniversary. We deserve it.

Just had to get that out of my mind...it just pisses me off to NO end.


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Holly said...

Ditto - 100%
I thought that bankruptcy rules changed in the last year or so to prevent it being used as a crutch. It's amazing how people can treat bankruptcy as such an easy thing when it should be a worst case scenario.

It sounds like this couple hasn't learned their lesson. That's so scary.

BTW - thanks for the congrats on our blog!