Weekend Fun

We did lots and LOTS this weekend, even though Laura is pretty run down with a nasty cough (thanks Foster - he has a croupy-cough)...and I really hope NOT to get it.

Friday was super-busy at work and when I finally got home, I was wiped...anyway, Saturday we looked at the calendar and lo and behold - this never happens - but there was not ONE thing on it that we had to do. So the kids were pretty well-behaved and entertained themselves for quite a long time. Long enough for Laura and I to bag up 5 huge, black, trash bags full of *crap*. We wanted/needed to do this since our house will soon be back on the market. We got rid of soooo much stuff, mainly kids books and toys...it felt really good to purge all that out. I also stripped all the beds and washed everything - including all the clothes. Yay!

On Sunday, the cleaning and "getting rid of" continued. But first, Foster went to Hebrew School and Laura (still not feeling so well) took Logan and Seth to Target while Foster was in school. We did our usual damage there and then picked up Foster and guess what? Went BACK to Target for lunch. Actually it was pretty good...so much cheaper and better for us than fast food. We did this because after lunch time we were meeting Foster's Hebrew School class at a Jewish HealthCare Center to help hand out Purim baskets.

After we got home, major "quiet time" was in order. On their beds, tv okay, but quiet. I napped for an hour and a half, Laura napped as well. After waking up, some more "purging" and then outside time for the boys while Laura made dinner. After dinner and kids to bed - we cleaned out our bookshelf. Wow, it looks great.

Now, my next task, I promised I would clean out this computer area. It's in the dining room so it needs to be neater. That's next on my "To Do" list...but not today....this time change is killing me. Tomorrow...I promise!

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