Oops, the "I forgot post" - but keep reading after this one...

Well, it's been a while. Let's see. Where were we? Oh yeah, we got our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. It looks great next to the Hanukkah menorah! It's just so fun being an interfaith family, we get to celebrate double the times!!

Anyway, see, this is what happened.

We went to a tree farm about 40 minutes from where we live. We thought we'd continue our tradition of cutting down (or selecting a tree and then having someone cut one down) our tree.

On the way to the tree farm is when Foster lost his first tooth! A day to certainly remember. It gets good though. So we get to the farm and select our tree (after searching 3938478 trees). It looks perfect. We shove place it carefully into the back of the van and head off to lunch. After getting home we put it up in the corner in the stand. The kids are having a great time decorating it, we put all the lights on, etc. After that we decide to go outside and let the kids run around. Seth wanted nothing to do with that and elected to stay inside and watch tv (he is my NON-outside kid). Laura goes in the house to do something and I hear her scream my name - uh oh...I run inside only to find Seth all tangled up in the tree lights and the tree on top of him. He apparently was sitting quietly on the couch and the tree just toppled over.

After getting him all untangled and quieted down we decide to head to Target to get a new and improved (read: STURDY) tree stand. So we got it home and proceeded to put it back into the new stand. We had to take off all the lights and ornaments (we only surprisingly lost one ornamnet and no, Seth had no injuries from his "encounter" with the tree).

After the kids went to bed, Laura and I set to the task of re-decorating the tree...only to have it fall over...again. Okaaaaaaaaaaay, we right it back up and make sure it's in properly. Good. We stand across the room to observe and the damn thing fell over again. Ummm, and it happened again after that, for good measure you know. Finally, being convinced the tree was either possessed or a "closeted "Yes on 8"" tree (gotta have some humor here guys) we decide to tie it to some screws in the wall. And thankfully, it has remained upright for the past week.

During all this I reminded Laura that an artificial tree would (probably) not have fallen over, would not have gotten water all over our new carpet, and no pine needles would need to be vacuumed up. Prior to this "tree incident" this was going to be an argument that I would not win. However, I think I've swayed her over to the artificial side. Yes, a fresh tree smells great and it is fun to select it and bring it home - but an artificial one is cleaner, sturdier, and well, easier to decorate (especially when pre-lit). So, we have decided to get our tree at the "after Christmas sales" on December 26th.

Here are the photos.

The Family
Watching the guy cut down our tree

My future poll vaulters?

Logan is "helping" cut down the tree


Tanya said...

We did real for a few years as I had always had artifical, but now we're back to artifical. In fact right now we have a 3ft, prelit, green sparkly tree and it suits us just fine. It was $20 before Christmas that yr. We also own a fiber optic one that we got at a great price one year before Christam, but since J was born it's a lot of work to haul up and I didn't want the fibers to get pulled out.

Sonya said...

Oh NO... it fell down!?!? Like a lot of times even! Wowza.

Timmy's Girl said...

Is it wrong that I found this funny??

I used to love getting a real tree, but I am so over it. With little ones, the mess, the having to get rid of it later, and having to string those lights all around, well like you said. pre lit is the way to go...GO FAKE!