That says it all huh?

Hanukkah - first night tonite - presents, Wii... ;-)


My work holiday party - FUN!!! I won a $15.00 GC to Wendy's and one of our medical directors picked 20 names out of a hat to take out to dinner! I was one of the lucky ones! YAY ME! Can't wait for a 'free' dinner out!

Our tree is still standing, that's a good thing.

Work is so busy now. On-call this past week, no calls - also a good thing.

Going to a play next Saturday night for Laura's birthday - we're sitting FRONT ROW CENTER. I've never sat so ummm, perfectly before. Not sure how I scored those tickets but I logged on at exactly the right time...

Getting over my cold - that's also...a good thing.

Just checked my work v-mail (Sunday night at 11:45pm) and I had 20 NEW messages including 3 or 4 (I lost count) new admits - okay, not such a good thing...

Better shower and sleep - tomorrow is gonna be a busy day - not to mention I wanna get home early - you know, to play the Wii with Foster...


Timmy's Girl said...

Too cool!!!

What did the boys say when you gave them the Wii?

If you and Laura are anything like Tim and I when we first got ours...well, let's just say we weren't very good 'sharers'.


momtothreeboys said...

Well, once I start playing I find it hard to stop! Help!