We, Oui, Wheeeeee, Wii

Any way you pronounce it we got it.

Laura is awesome - she was up and out and returned home on Black Friday all before I even woke up.

One store, one wii and one wii fit.



MommyNay said...

The Wii and I dont exactly get along right now....it gave me a mushroom top and a fit age more than 10yrs my senior. :Þ~~~~~

have FUNNN!!!

Sonya said...

YAY!!! Have fun!

Is there really a shortage there? We scored ours a few months ago because we couldn't find them. Now suddenly they seem to be everywhere. I thought even Amazon had them.

rae said...

Wii FIT ROCKS! Who cares if the bastard called me obese. And says "OH!" every time I step on it. I am going to be the Wii Fit poster girl just like Jared is Subway's poster boy. Just give it 6 months and I'm gonna be a hottie! *wink*
are you guys having fun?????