Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed that Prop. 8 looks like it will pass (not what we wanted, we wanted "no on 8"). It's been a long, crazy ride. Most of the legal analysts believe our marriage will remain valid, but that's to be decided. What we learned thru this is that we have friends (and SOME family) that is so supportive of us that they fought with us, side-by-side to not have this hateful proposition pass. That means so much. The measure is passing by a slight margin - and since this has gone to the voters before in years past, what this means is that the fight is getting harder - harder to pass hatefulness in our state. And thankfully, I do not believe this is the end. Not by a long-shot.

BUT, the good news is that Obama won. WE WON my friends. We won. I cried tears of joy at 8:01pm Pacific Time when the results of the Western states came in and the news station called it. Our next president - I couldn't be more pleased. And did you hear his speech? He wants EQUALITY for ALL Americans - he specifically stated "Gay Americans" - first time EVER a president used the term in a positive way...hmmmm...the fight is so not over.

Other local propositions that I wanted are going "my way". Specifically, Prop. 2 (Treatment of Farm Animals) - I'm happy to say that protection for farm animals is on the way. AND, another VERY important proposition is Prop. 4 - (Proposition 4 threatens teen safety by mandating parental notification prior to a minor terminating a pregnancy) this one is a strong "NO" - thank Goodness the daughters in CA state, will have a choice to make this decision without the notification (in advance) of their parents - this prop. keeps them safe to obtain an abortion WITHOUT that notification. I know abortion is a hot topic and I'm NOT getting into that now, I'm just pleased that this one didn't pass.

So, in the end, I'm overjoyed that President Obama will be leading this country for the next 4 years (and hopefully more) - we deserve it.

And, we've learned who we can trust and rely on. Who in our family and circle of friends value our family as FAMILY. And most of all, that we are raising our three boys to be young men who are as tolerant and accepting as we are.

Peace out.


MommyNay said...

sorry i didnt get a chance to respond(or read even) your post below until late last night. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I hope its still to close to call on 8. Woooooooooowhoooooooooooo on Obama I too cried my eyes out with pride! fussy baby on my lap...later!

Anita said...

I too am glad Obama won. However, with regard to Props.2 & 8, I find it amazing that people care more about the rights of animals than those of people.

momtothreeboys said...

Anita - that's because animals aren't religious - they don't hide behind their religious leaders telling them how to vote. People will always be nicer to animals than their fellow humans - it's human nature to hurt the ones we love the most...sad but true.