You know your 6 year old is growing up when...

...I can tell him to go get the trash can at the end of the driveway...
...and he does.


It's the little things.

I know it's time for an update but yet again, it's after 11:00pm and seeing that I have "staff meeting" tomorrow - I had better get some sleep. Yawn.

I also have an afternoon meeting (2 hours) about retirement benefits - well, it's fun to dream about it.

What else - we're probably going to head out to the Zoo on Saturday. It's funny, we're members yet we hardly ever go. And it's really in our own backyard - one of the world's most famous Zoo's right here, and we never seem to take advantage of it. In fact, I hardly ever think to go there. Usually we go when we have out of town guests - you know, to show it off - but hardly for our own benefit - just for "fun". We have no agenda but to have fun. No rushing around. Just the family at the Zoo. If we want to sit and stare at the chimps for an hour, so be it. I think I'll let the kids decide what they want to see. Maybe have each select an area they are interested in. Being that Foster has suddenly taking a liking to all things map-related, we have a copy of the Zoo map - I think we'll look at it Friday night and talk about what there is to see.

Foster is actually excited to go. I wasn't sure he would be but he is. Cool.

Next post will be all about "crack".

Stay tuned...


'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

"Crac"k...hmm, the things running through my mind. Should definitely be interesting, and I will be checking for that post often!

We just went to the SDZoo this past Monday. Why is it that when you go (we are also longtime members, but we do visit a lot!) a 3 hour visit seems like a lifetime? I guess it will get easier as my kids get older. I am one of those loonies that likes to sit in front of the gorilla exhibit for an hour or 2...when ever we go, we always see the 'native members' hanging out at the same spots. I think that will be me when I am a grandma, too. Have a blast!!
Oh, don't forget to check out the nursery at the children's zoo...a new baby gorilla is there. And my new personal favorite at the zoo is the new 'bug' exhibit in the children's zoo. It is worth the walk into that area!

Sonya said...

Have so much fun!