And now, first grade shopping list - DONE

I took Foster today to go "back to school shopping". Being that he's in a "year-round" school, he gets "only" 6 weeks off for summer until school starts on Sept. 4th. Thought I may as well get the stuff while I can. First we went to Big Lots. SCORE!!!

We got:
washable markers
glue sticks
pocket folders (with 3-hole brads)
lunch bag

Of course, no "back to school shopping" journey would be complete without a trip to Target. We picked up the plastic folder and a box of tissues there.

At home, I found the rest of the goods:
colored pencils
pencil top erasers
scissors (must be Fiskars)
pencil box

Whew! That's done. I think I was more excited to do this last year for Kindergarten but it was still fun. I love school supplies and, well, office supplies in general. If you know me, you know my obsession with pens and pencils. Whenever we visit somewhere new (like tourist-y places) I try to get a pen. Hey, it's cheap and useful.

Perhaps I should just quit my job and work at Staples.

Anyway, the backpack from Big Lots was $8 and the lunch bag was $5. What Foster does to a backpack and lunch bag is beyond me. I swear he must drag it around all day. He really needed a new backpack and really, REALLY needed a new lunch bag. The same items at Target were 3 times as much. And thankfully, this year, he actually selected a backpack that "I" would carry. No superheroes, no turtles, no pirates......just a plain red and grey one. But, Batman won out for the lunch bag.


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Casey said...

Like you - I go crazy for school/office supplies too. What is it about those things that are so tantalizing? Must be from all those years of "back to school shopping" that does it. New, fun supplies. The thrill just never leaves.