Am I the only one that hates...

...the summer?

Uggg, I mean I hate the warm/hot weather. I hate the bugs. I hate sweating. I hate the dry air. I hate not being able to wear my sweaters and jackets. I hate taking a shower with the water full-blast on cold and it's still luke-warm.

But, in the spirit of finding something good in everything, I must say that I just LOVE summer fruit. I think this is about the only thing I love about summer. We went to Henry's yesterday and I was just in my glory picking out the yummy summer fruit.

So there you have it. I must be the only person in the state that does NOT look forward to summer.


Casey said...

Definitely NOT the only one. It's 93 here already and it's 1:14pm. UGH UGH UGH!!!!!

rae said...

hate summer in california too sista.
miss snow in kansas.
that makes two of us who hate sun in sunny southern california.