Still in training...

And it's only nearing the end of the third week. "Just" 5 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Some days it's pretty boring. Just sitting in the classroom listening to boring people present boring topics. However, some days it's much more interesting.

Monday brings us our "Car seat installation class". For five hours we have the police dept. come to show us how to properly install carseats. That is, if I know I'm going to be removing a child or children and will be using a county car - I need to install all the carseats first. At least it's a "hands-on" training so we get to be outside, and not in the classroom.

So that's the scoop. I'll have to fill you all in on our new bed - it's ummm, squishy.


Casey said...

And once you have all this carseat knowledge, I will be expecting you to share freely. :)

Laura said...

It's always good to have carseat knowledge.

Um, a squishy bed?