It's almost Friday, so that boys and girls means...

It's "O.J.T." Day - huh?

On the Job Training Day. We usually have them every Friday, minus a few here and there. So, that means tomorrow I go to my job site and follow some other workers around and "learn the (proverbial) ropes". I'm both looking forward to it and not. I am because then I get to be out and about and learning my job and interacting with other co-workers. Not, because I have NO idea what I'll be doing tomorrow or whom I'll be seeing and that scares me. It would be different if I was working there every day and really "understood" what my daily life would entail. But only going to the OJT once a week, I really don't have that follow-thru.

Anyway, who knows what tomorrow will bring. I have been out with other social workers as they interview kids at the schools but I really want to try to go out with one that will be doing an unannounced home visit. Haven't done that yet.

Otherwise, training is going fine. Some days are more fun that others. Earlier this week I had a 4 hour training on installing car seats - yes, by the professionals. We used my minivan and other peoples vans for "examples". This meant that all the world (okay, just my co-workers) got to witness what a minivan looks like after 3 kids have been in it. Let's just say that the birds got a treat of old goldfish crackers, and I found a dime and a play watch we "lost" a month ago.

Week 4 done, "only" 4 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!


Rae said...

I would die if anyone looked in my car after a week of Maggie being in it. What a good sport you were! *grin*
Yay! only four more weeks!

Lil' Bit said...

i saw your comment on rae's blog. try going to the box offices of the shows you want to see. you're more likely to get tickets that way, and they're usually cheeper too.