Money tree wishes and a trio of friends

So, they say money doesn't grow on trees but I'm still wishing our peach tree out back will start sprouting $20 bills. Please?

Let's see - lately, money issues are well, a big issue. First off, I recently broke down, okay, waaaaay down and ordered some study materials so I can take (and pass) that damn LCSW exam. I've been putting it off way too long and now that I'm looking at a new position at work that would include a small raise (and much more job-satisfaction) and upward mobility (maybe supervision eventually) I want to pass the exam and get my license. So - that was an easy $245.00. For study materials.

Then - in the SAME day (what were we thinking) we went to a local Oktoberfest and that place - you know - Costco. I think we spent about $160 or so at Oktoberfest (on fried dough and crafts) and way more than that at Costco and we only got the essentials and no "fun" stuff. THEN, on Sunday we were going stir-crazy in the house and decided at the last minute to head out to Target. Well, need I go any further? We very rarely walk out of that store without spending about $200 and we certainly did. And again, on essentials, not any "fun" stuff. Okay, if you count the mint water I got, that was fun. THEN, our toilet in our bathroom started not to work well AND our water heater is leaking. Since Laura was lucky enough to have Monday and Tuesday off, she got to call the plumber to come fix everything. It was $45 per service call (Buyers Home Waranty) times TWO. He fixed the toilet with a thing-ie and then declared we needed a new water heater but our insurance/waranty thing wasn't going to cover the extra $450 in "upgrades" needed for safety and legal issues. Okaaaaaay. Need hot water = therefore need to get the water heater.

THEN - our almost 15 year old pup wasn't feeling too well so a trip to the vet with some x-rays and such - almost another $700!

That leads us to this morning. After I used our new and improved toilet I noticed a nice large puddle collecting on the bathroom floor by the toilet. Uggggggg. Get that plumber back!

I refuse to add up how much money we've spent in the last few days and the week isn't over yet. Saturday, all 3 kids are scheduled to get haircuts - I spend more on their hair than I do on mine. Of course, they're cuter so I guess it's okay.

Oh yeah - the trio of friends - Curious George, Kermit the Frog and a big purple dragon are the inhabitants of the floor in between Logan and Seth's toddler beds. Lately, Seth has taken to not wanting to go to sleep at night and wanting one of us to lay down (on the floor) next to him until he falls asleep. I didn't want to get into this habit but my new motherhood mantra of "whatever works" is still in effect. I couldn't take the screaming and have taken to laying down and using Kermit and said dragon as pillows. Curious George? He just sits there and watches...


Casey said...

Oooooooh. Money stuff SUCKS and home repairs bite the big one. Ugh ugh ugh. I'm so, so sorry.

The Curious George line made me laugh though. *wink*

Laura said...

If I knew where to find the money tree, I'd let you know. I'm sorry you got hit by all that at once.

Rae said...

gosh lets all look for the money tree cuz one year being off work and a way too happy to help credit card has me in debt too.
sorry bout the home repairs. that blows. i have a 120 ticket for speeding i have to pay. i got it the day i returned to work, isn't that nice?