Yup, me a bad, bad blogger

It's been a while but it's late now.

Gotta fill you in on Foster's first week in Kindergarten.

He got a green "Dino-Mite" card every day (that's a good thing) so he got to pick out a treat today in school. ;-)

He also got about 7 pages of homework due next Friday. We already did two pages. Whew...this Kindergarten thing is hard work!

More later (including pictures)!


Casey said...

Ok - I think homework in kindergarten is just plain ridiculous - but I'm glad he had a good time this week.

Kis signed up to go to a short term preschool type class starting this coming Tuesday. He is dead set (and I mead dead set!) against going. *sigh*

It's going to be a hard few days.

I can't wait to see Foster's pictures!!!

Laura said...

Seven pages of homework? I guess doing one page a day isn't too bad. I can't wait to see the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Kris from the Yahoo group...I don't know how to send you a message other than making it a comment. We are located in University Heights. No kids yet but we DO have 4 cats and a dog. I used to work in Mira Mesa!
Our friends have 3 boys as well...two are 3 years old and one is 2 1/2. Man, that is something but at least we'll be somewhat prepared for the twins. Your boys are beautiful. We are thinking of joining Family Matters ASAP. Do you go to all the outings with them?