California Adventure

Since so many of you have asked - here it is! See picture link below the blog-entry.

Disney’s California Adventure!

Before I forget I wanted to tell you all about our recent trip!

We went on August 30th and had a great time. The crowds were manageable. The heat was another story - it was hot but not unbearably.

We left home at 7:50am and arrived at the gates at 9:50am. The gates were already open (they are supposed to open at 10am) and we headed straight for Soarin’ Over California. Foster really enjoyed that one. Bubbe wasn’t too sure and had her eyes closed most of the time. Then we went to Grizzly River Run which Foster enjoyed until he got wet. I loved that one. The off to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where all 3 kids enjoyed running around and exploring. We watched the "Brother Bear" show as well. Then off to lunch at the Pacific Wharf Café (YUM).
Then to the Paradise Pier where we hit the Carousel first. Then we explored the Sun Wheel. Then off to Jumpin’ Jellyfish and the wee ones played on the SS Rustworthy. Foster and Laura rode the Golden Zephyr twice (no lines). Then Foster went on Mulholland Madness rollercoaster 3 times! He loved it.

Then we headed up to the Hollywood Boulevard district where we got in line to see Disney’s Aladdin. All was going well until the line started to move and I had the diaper bag, my bag, the cameras, and I realized that nobody had Logan!!!!!!!! I raced back to the "waiting area" and I swear, it only took me maybe 25 seconds but that was long enough for my mind to go from A to Z. I pictured Logan wandering around California Adventure crying, screaming, totally upset - looking for us. I raced out the gate to the last place we were and lo and behold, he was totally fine enjoying himself climbing on the gate! Whew! I was pretty shaken up though. I grabbed him and hugged him and thanked G-d he was fine. Then we rejoined our place in line. It was one of those times where everyone thought that someone else had him! After that mini-disaster we went into the show. It was excellent! I highly recommend it. It was almost worth the price of admission to the park!!!!!

After that we headed to the Monsters Inc. ride. Foster really enjoyed that as well. Then - knowing the park was closing in 30 minutes (it closed at 6pm) we raced over to A Bug’s Land where the kids ran in and out of the water areas. Then we took all the kids on Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train - Seth was particularly excited!

After that Foster and Laura and Amy rode Soarin’ again while I did a little shopping. Then the park closed and we went to the Downtown Disney area for a late dinner.
Made it home in record time and all the kids crashed fast asleep.

I, unfortunately, had to get up early to go to work the next day. Bad planning - I was pretty useless that day.

All in all, we had a great time. The lines were so much better than at Disneyland and the park was smaller so that made it easier to walk thru the whole thing. We did everything (almost) that I wanted to do but we plan to return again.

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Casey said...

Wow! Closed at 6? Seriously? I wonder if they had already changed to their winter hours because it was open every night until 9 for us just two weeks prior with the Electrical Street Parade every night.


I'm SO glad you had fun. We love CA and it's a nice change from the craziness of DL.

I'm off to look at pictures now. :)

momtothreeboys said...

Yeah, they closed at 6:00pm on Wednesday of that week (when we were going) - other nights they close at 9pm. The shops closed at 6:30 so that was helpful.
I'm bummed we didn't get to see the Electrical St. Parade, I loved it as a kid! But we still had a great time!!

Laura said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time. The pictures are all great. :)

Rae said...

we love calif adventure too! we finally got passes this year so we could go as much as we wanted so of course i've been sick as all get out. what a waste of money. i love soarin over calif, its my fav. great pics, ya'll look like you had a wonderful time!