Twin Update!

Logan and Seth had their 2nd year well-child check-up. Overall they are doing great!!! First, the stats:

Logan who still retains the nickname of "Sir Super-Chunk" weighed in at 28 pounds. He was 35 inches tall. That puts him in the 60%-tile for weight and the 70%-tile for height.

Seth who absoultely still retains the nickname of "Sir Stick-Boy" weighed in at a slight 25 pounds and was half an inch taller than Logan at 35.5 inches tall. That puts him in the 25%-tile for weight and the 75%-tile for height.

The pediatrician was not concerned at all. They are both (knock on wood) so healthy and happy. Blame it on genetics the doctor said. Logan will grow up to be the football player and Seth the long-distance runner. It's just the way they are. But it's so hard not to compare the two because they are twins and each is the other's built-in control. It's hard to get away from that comparison. They are both doing wonderfully though. Their speech is fantastic. They each have 3 and 4 word sentences and some 5-word sentences. They absolutely seem to understand EVERYTHING!!!!! It's scary. We have to be careful what we say because they also love to repeat things (use your imagination).

So, separately:

Logan - loves: his taggie blankie/lovey; attacking Foster; reading books; bathtime; undressing himself; falling asleep on the floor or the chair vs. his bed; food, food, food; being outside; playing ball; and running in circles.

Seth - loves: following Foster around; cuddling; sitting on the potty; eating chocolate; playing outside; drawing with crayons; reading books; and watching "Calliou".

They both seem to have some "twin-speak" going on, especially at night. They will talk to each other and laugh and we have no idea what they are saying. Too cute. They both are getting used to their new toddler beds. They will let us know when they need a diaper change and are using the potty every once in a while. They love to chase each other around and run up and down the hallway. They also love to give hugs and kisses and we love to receive them!

So there you have it, the Twin Update!

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Casey said...

Sounds like they are doing fabulous!! Yeah for them!!!