All the news that's fit to print

So you ask, dear readers, what’s going on in the Stein-White household?? I’ll fill you in now. I feel like posting a newsy-news post.

Let’s see: Starting with last month – we took Foster to the San Diego County Fair and he loved, loved, loved it. I think he especially loved it since his best friend Connor also went. On July 4th, Laura and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. I/we decided that when I turn 40 (in 3 years) we will also be celebrating our 10th anniversary and should thus celebrate in grand style. I really want to go on an Olivia cruise. So that’s our plan. Of course we have 3 years to plan (and save the $$$) so hopefully we can make that dream come true. OH – and it will be sans kids – so therefore we’ll have to figure out who the lucky people are that get to watch them for the week . Yes, by then, Foster will be 8 and the twins will be 5 so hopefully they will be a bit more independent by then – hopefully!

Laura and I spent a wonderful evening in early July at the Indigo Girls concert with our IG buddies Anita and Chris. Great concert!

Foster has done amazingly well with his swim lessons. Wow, I can’t believe how great he’s doing. He takes semi-private lessons with Connor in Connor’s pool. Foster can now swim across the pool, dive to the bottom to retrieve objects, he can semi-dive in from the side, he can almost float, etc. The teacher is a former Murray Callan swim teacher so she really knows her stuff. I am still amazed at Foster’s transformation from fear of the water to a little fishy who loves it. Oh, and he hasn’t used any types of swim floatation devices, the teacher doesn’t believe in them and it worked out great! Foster is doing very well in his preschool. He starts Kindergarten on Tuesday September 5th. We have Kindergarten orientation on Friday September 1st where we’ll get to meet his teacher and see his room. Can’t wait! He’s totally looking forward to it.

Logan and Seth celebrated their 2nd birthday with a few close family and friends at our house. They seemed to enjoy the low-key celebration. Those two are doing well at their daycare (our neighbor) and are now the owners of big-boy beds – bye-bye cribs – they went to some lucky people who answered my posting on Craig’s List (love that site!). They were sold within 24 hours of posting.

We went to Laura’s company picnic and the kids had a great time! We also all attended our local gay pride festival. That was just too fun. The kids all seemed to enjoy just people-watching (me too) and in general just being outside and out-n-about. We recently spent the day at the beach – it was just beautiful. That was with our local Family Matters group.

This weekend we’re taking the kids to the Circus. I finally get to use the free tickets I rec’d for all 3 kids. I sent for them right after they were born. Ringling Bros. gives out free tickets to all kids if you send for them within a year of their birth. Well, I did and now we finally get to go. Foster can’t wait!

We are also getting ready for Bubbe’s visit. She arrives on Saturday August 26th and we already have a full calendar. Let’s see, we’re going to the horse-races – wish us luck!!! Then on Wednesday August 30th we’re taking all the kids to Disney’s California Adventure!!!! I’ve never been there so I’m totally looking forward to this. We picked a random Wednesday so hopefully the crowds will be at a minimum. The twins will be going too, so I hope that everyone has a good time. Then, there’s Foster’s Kindergarten Orientation that Friday. We already have all his school supplies so we’re good to go!

Foster turns 5 on September 2nd and his party is on the 3rd at the local YMCA. It will be a pool party since swimming is his new favorite activity. Pictures will definitely be posted!

In early September Laura and I have a wedding to attend – an “Adults Only” wedding. Whew! We get to enjoy ourselves at a fancy party and eat wonderful things. What could be better!!! Since Bubbe (my mom) will be out here in CA, we are doing our annual garage sale on September 16th. We need all the help we can get – that’s why we are doing it while she will still be here. We have so much crap to get rid of. No joke! And I still have to clean out my closets and drawers! Fun times ahead…

Then we’re planning on going to the huge Family Matters Annual BBQ on Sunday September 17th. Then Bubbe is going back to NY that evening.

Nobody ever said our life is boring, that’s for sure!

Hope you had fun catching up on our daily lives!!!


gabrielle said...

wow...I feel exhausted just reading this but sounds like a lot of fun events. My girls loved disney california adventure when we were there

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