Music Video - Update - Getting There

The music video we were involved in a short while ago is still in the works (see post from April 13th if you need a refresher). Anyway, the video was released in Long Beach a few weeks ago, however we haven't yet seen it .

BUT, the album cover is about ready and here's a sneak preview (you can click on each one for a larger version):

Okay, in the first picture the singer is obviously Melange Lavonne who is the chic in the big picture in the blue shirt. Now it's hard to see but there are 3 "circle-y" shapes to the left of her picture. The top "circle" is me (sitting on the ground in the yellow shirt, drawing with chalk) and Foster is to left and Logan is to the right in that picture!!!

AND, in the middle "circle" is Laura and Foster on his bike (with the helmet) - Whohoo!!! We made the COVER!

The bottom shot also shows the backside of the video cover. In the bottom "circle-y" thing you can see us playing "tug-of-war" - that's me (Ivy) on the far left of the circle and Foster is in front of me.

Now, I just can't wait to see the entire video - soon!


Casey said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! How completely and totally exciting that you are on the cover - fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW- I know actual pin-up models!!


The boys look great and have gotten so big since I last saw them.

Rev. DD